Hi Lionheart,

Do you ever set intentions, put them on the back burner, and then watch with amazement as they unfold before your eyes?

This happened to me this week. It's happening more and more, and it's building momentum.

I've been wanting to DJ for 15 years. I never made it a priority because there was always "something else" to focus on. Over the years, I've watched tutorials on YouTube and learned bits and pieces from friends. This summer, I even started putting together digital crates of tracks to play and DJing basic mixes on an app on my phone while riding the subway in NYC.

Then, upon thinking of everything that's happening: writing new music, performing, coaching, preparing my pre-release campaign for my new electro pop EP... DJing again took the back seat.

Until now.

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I started coaching new music production students and the studio we're working out of is encouraging me to DJ. They've so generously lent me this Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller. It's a lightweight midi controller, and it does the job at this point.

I've also been getting in the studio with producer Jay Wires to write tech house tracks. My songwriting and production clients are also writing upbeat dance music and pop music.

The world is swirling in making and performing music that resonates with me.

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Not only this, but there's a personal change. In order to bring these new pieces into my life, I have to change my relationship with time.

A consultant asked me recently who I'd love to sit down with and pick their brain about. My answer: Lady Gaga and her calendar. How does she spend her time?

One of the biggest things for me has been committing to my priorities in my calendar. I block out the time I need for the most important things. Then, I work backwards and put in everything else if and when it can fit in.

If it can't fit in, delegate it and get support. Last week was incredibly full of help from music and business consultants and coaches. In order to play at Lady Gaga's level, I have to create space in my calendar for what only I can do (and LOVE) and get good at delegating.

Every step down the street has an accompanying new perspective.

It's relaxing to know that you're living in connection with what's important for you. It's freeing and allows room for creativity.

Time's the most important thing we have.

Leave a comment below and let me know - how are you prioritizing music or an important project throughout your week? I'm curious and love hearing from you, Lionheart!

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My favorite daily read in my inbox, Lionheart, is called Notes from the Universe. They're fun. You can get them here.

Here's one from last week:

Actually, Mary, dreams come from a future dimension where they already exist, and the dreamers of such dreams have future selves who now live there and are oh-so anxious to show you what is truly possible.

{Sound of crackling, rolling, happy thunder on clear and sunny day…}
The Universe

And another:

And the day will come when all of the gold in the world will not appeal to you as much, Mary, as having just one more day of being who and where you already are, with what you already have.

If it hasn't already.

Thank you,
The Universe

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Thank you for joining me on this magic carpet ride. I couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


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