Hey Lionheart,

I'm writing you within an oasis. The November rain is falling outside, it's only 3pm in New York City and the sky is deepening, and I've got a sweet setup going on with candles, incense, flowers, palo santo, plants, Mexican skeleton dolls, new mod furniture, new headphones for recording and producing, a hip hop / nu-jazz artist I've discovered called Ninjoi playing in the background, ... more. You get it. It's good. 

I’m going live on Facebook and Instagram today at 5:30pm EST / 2:30pm PST and teaching you how to study melodic patterns so that you have a model when you write and how to improve the singability of your song. 

I was in the studio today writing a vocal hook for my song Apollo. I was thinking about which songs to use as examples, and Apollo is consuming my head - I’m just excited about it. I’ll walk you through my process as to how I’m repitching or rewriting melodies.

Tomorrow and next week I’m getting in the studio with Justin Mathews, who produced my last album, Grace. It’s gonna be chill to work with a friend on making music come to life out of your head and into the world.

Speaking of which...

If you’re thinking how sweet it would be to get into a studio and write music, meet me for an unforgettable day of songwriting this fall/winter season in your choice of locations: Washington D.C., New York City, or Montréal, Canada.


What it is: 8 hours in a high-vibe music studio to work in-depth on taking your songwriting to the next level. If you’ve been dreaming deep down of doing something like this, this is it. If you want to give this experience as a gift to someone special, this is it.

This experience offers a custom-tailored songwriting session for that music you’ve been writing, be it:

  • a day crafting and refining vocal toplines (hooks and backing vocals) for electronic / pop / folk / RnB tracks you’re writing

  • a piece within the opera-inspired score for a new theater piece you’re writing and submitting to festivals

  • making progress and establishing direction in songs within an EP of songs you’ve halfway finished

  • OR simply a foundational gate - an inspirational experience and starting point to live out your dream of singing and writing songs with support and guidance by your side

You get an online 60-minute prep session, a welcome packet, an 7-hour studio session, lunch and snacks, and an online follow-up 60-minute session. Walk away feeling your soul ignited and carrying an action plan to make your vision real.


I handle all logistics regarding our musical work together. All you do is pick a location, sign up, commit to your goal, and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Here are the following destinations and dates:
Washington, DC: November 23-24
New York City: November 26 - December 20
Washington, DC: December 22-23
Montreal, Canada: December 27 - January 4

Respond to this email to learn more.

Also! Join me live on Facebook and Instagram today at 5:30pm EST / 2:30pm PST. Talking about writing vocal melodies and hooks for songs.

Couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha, Lionheart.

Mad love,


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