“Alouette’s performances draw you in with their soft, hypnotic qualities, turning each song into a dialogue between her and the audience.” – Brooklyn Exposed

“I suppose now that technology is so portable, it was only a matter of time until someone tried incorporating electronic elements into gypsy jazz. But that’s not everything Mary Alouette does. With a voice that sounds wild but always in control, this ex-opera student’s sound is too multifaceted to be pigeonholed in a few sentences. Gypsy/Jazz influences intersect with old style French ballads and wicked trip hop/ambient tracks – and sometimes all these ingredients get mixed together.” – The Deli Magazine NYC

“Ms. Alouette’s current musical incarnation, The Lark, is a mix of traditional gypsy jazz with hip-hop and trap beats.” – NY Observer

“As an opera student at McGill University in Montreal, Mary Alouette developed an interest that didn’t necessarily correspond to her studies: electronic music. It took moving to Brooklyn and embarking on a career as a gypsy jazz singer to finally bring electronica into the mix in the form of a new EP, The Lark.” – The Washington Post

“Notes of Portishead’s music and James Bond’s adventurous approach to life are delightfully represented.” – The Examiner

“The [Angel] track is a trip hoppy number, landing somewhere between Tricky’s intense musical whiffs and some kind of new-age-that-doesn’t-suck placidity. A song about a good, but also weird, trip in the tub, nothing sounds better than that right now…” – The Deli Magazine NYC

“Unique blend of gypsy jazz and electronic music.“ – DCist

“Echoes the likes of Billie Holiday” – Baltimore Magazine

“Alouette has all the best qualities — original songwriting, respectful nods to traditional sounds and an effervescent stage presence.”
 – Cathy Fink, GRAMMY Award winner

“Mary Alouette mixes a bit of ambient with a lot of vocal harmonies in this chilled down trip called ‘Angel’, which also sports paint, glitter and a fantastic ending.” – Orestes P. Xistos,

“[The Lark] is one of those rare records you only get the chance to hear few times. It’s one of those albums hard to review because [of] how original and unique it is … people like me take so many minutes in looking for great adjectives to describe [it].” – Vents Magazine

“Her vocals adapt to both traditional and modern sounds. She can project power with her opera-trained voice, and also express vulnerability on stories of love and loss. She exudes a sense of mystery, whether she is singing her own complex lyrics or a cabaret song in French.” – Allentown Morning Call

“The Lark is not your typical jazz album… its funky and fresh sound coincides flawlessly with Alouette’s vocals. It is an EP worth listening to and peaks your interest to follow Alouette’s musical work.” – The Celebrity Cafe