Sunrise to Sunset

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein


Hi Lionheart,

Missed you last week. It's been one big week of travel in Vancouver and getting back in the game here.

I arrived back to New York City from Vancouver flying into the sunrise (can you imagine being a pilot in that scenario?) and capping the day with a sunset performance on the rooftop of 343 Labs in Chinatown. The event was sponsored by I Heart Producers and featured some talented artists. What a beautiful day.

Current vocal play: beat repeat + pitch shifting during a live set.

Watch the livestream of the performance here.


This weekend I visited my friend's world-class vintage synth collection at the Synth Sanctuary. He deals to Richie Hawtin, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, and many more top electronic artists. It was so cool to hang out and play music together on a gorgeous modular synth.

It's total ear candy and fascination. I'm like a moth to a flame.

This picture below wasn't the modular we were playing on, but if you're unfamiliar with what one is, this is an example:



D.C. House Show & Indiegogo campaign launch for my new album!

At HuqQuarters
Silver Spring, MD
Saturday, July 20
6pm VIP dinner and intimate acoustic performance
8pm show featuring electronic artists from D.C. and yours truly



Traveling to Vancouver was a blast. I was there for a business conference and clarified my vision for my artistry and offerings with Set Your Life To Music.

I stayed at the fabulous Rosewood Hotel Georgia and realized some experiences from my vision board.

Since the mind thinks in images, I'm playing around with visualization. I'm starting to visualize myself successfully delivering my live sets and being in places I want to perform or experience. Of course, there's action, but by focusing on these images, I'm developing a deeper emotional connection to them and am more drawn to take the actions necessary to fulfill those situations.

Fun highlight: I cruised Vancouver in the hotel's house car: a Bentley. I knew they had one and thought that it didn't hurt to ask for a complimentary ride... ask you shall receive.



I'm hosting a free 30-minute online masterclass this Friday, July 5 at 1pm EST. The masterclass will be hosted on Zoom and will have a live Q&A to get your questions answered. There will be a replay available if you're unable to make it, though showing up live is the best for you!

We're going to cover:

  • discovering your vocal style

  • using vocal loops and fx for dance and pop music


Do you want to take your singing to the next level? How would you feel sharing and performing your music if you were confident with your vocals?

Learn the fundamentals of vocal technique in the safe space of your home to master your voice rather than having it master you!

I've shared these exercises with my voice students for 13 years and they've won the Apollo Theater's Making A Star competition, Brooklyn Conservatory entrance auditions, and more.

Come join and take your singing from the shower to the stage.


This month is all about singing and electronic vocal production in Set Your Life To Music. Join me daily on Facebook and Instagram live to catch quick 5-minute video tips on all things vocals.

Follow my Instagram stories and Facebook lives to catch livestreams of performances, studio tips, and life behind-the-scenes.

It's always for you + me, Lionheart. So much love.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. Join Friday's free masterclass here!

Alarke (AKA Mary Alouette) stands out with her compelling twist of experiences as an international opera singer turned Gypsy jazz singer turned award-winning electronic pop singer and songwriter.

Throughout her 25-year professional career, Alarke has mesmerized audiences from the Kennedy Center, the Rainbow Room, and Carnegie Hall to Fabrica Del Arte in Havana, Cuba, Romani caravans in Samois sur Seine, France, and castles in the Italian Alps. She's written songs that have gone to NBC's World Of Dance and won the Grand Prize in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, performed at the Apollo's National Tour, won artist residencies at Strathmore and the Brooklyn Arts Council, and written songs with residents at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece.

Her music is an exciting, vibey, future-forward melt of pop, electronic, dance, and world music.

Mary Alouette