Do You Have Space To Create?

Hi Lionheart,

I'm feeling major studio vibes, especially since I've been working on a new dance track at the Synth Sanctuary with producer Jay Wires.

Also, since I'm preparing to launch my pre-release campaign for the electro-pop music I've been performing, as well as the Cuba Diaries EP, I'm dialing back my performing this month and next - it's studio and album launch time.

Check out this home studio inspo by @abeautifulmess for @mutemath's Todd Gummerman. 😍 What's crucial for you in your own studio space? Mine has to vibe!

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see this quote from a chess grandmaster has got me thinking:

"In order to become a grandmaster, you must already be one."


343 LABS x I Heart Producers : 8/27

Lionheart, are you having problems taking your music to the next level? Maybe you start songs but never finish them. Maybe you're having trouble recording demos. Are you struggling to find the right lyrics? Maybe you don't sing well under pressure, have stage fright or simply aren't the writer or performer you want to be.

I help lots of people like you take their music to the next level. To learn more about what I can do for you, please visit my website at

If you’re serious about pursuing music, being happy doing what you love and making your musical dreams your musical reality, I’m here to help you find your electric voice. Message me with the word "electric".

As always, you can stream or buy my music on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify.

Thank you for supporting, caring, and giving me so much love. Your words and kindness bring me so much joy and charge me every day. Thank you. Couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha.pp

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. Respond to this email with the word "electric" if you're interested in taking your singing and songwriting to the next level.

Mary Alouette