The Power of Decision is Your Own

"I used to carry my dad's empty guitar case around the neighborhood because I wanted people to think I played the guitar. I would put Flintstones vitamins in it in case I got tired so I could pop some and keep walking." - Kristen Wiig


Hi Lionheart,

That thing called practice - it works. It's not so much that I hate practicing, but that I've equated it with past experiences practicing things I didn't like to do. I actually had a lot of fun. I like what I'm creating and I feel like I'm just playing around.

With that, I set up the sessions, DID the rehearsal videos, took notes, practiced again and again, and shot my songs. I've got a new YouTube video up - 2 songs: Just Get Here and Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.

>>CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube. 

ALSO. I'm going live on Saturday, March 30 at 1pm EST to share my final performance for Transmute. I'm performing new music in a new solo setup. Feelin' fresh. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get notified and join in. 

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Transmute continues to kick ass and I'm inspired by the top-notch artists in the group.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Not only am I surrounded by these top artists, I'm learning so much about business, personal development, and spiritual growth in another community. By continuing to surround myself with A players I come back to my real truth.

All of the indecision and playing small I've done over the past few years came about when I chose to focus on my fears and not my desires and successes. 

I don't need to alter how I present myself (musically, style-wise, conversationally, online presence, etc.) to please someone else and convince them to like me in whatever capacity. This allows me to follow what I truly want - and, in turn be able to give of myself to the highest capacity.

The best things in my life have come to me out of nowhere when I've been myself. Nobody else is my source for anything. God / the universe / spirit is my source.

On Sunday I met up with a classmate from opera school at McGill. She now works at the Metropolitan Opera, but in a different capacity other than singing. She satiated my curiosity about the current opera world and let me know how the culture there is today. 

I'm grateful to learn this, and I feel as if a huge cloak is off my shoulders. I'm TRANSMUTING like a snake shedding a skin. I never quite fit in in opera school and succeeded as I wanted to. I tied so much of my self-worth and identity to my double life as a young opera singer / future-forward electronic music and digital art lover at the time. 

I now know that my difficulties in school were for a reason. I love the music and many, many things about it, but it's not for me.

You know, my opera teacher sat me down once in a lesson and asked if it was really what I wanted to do. (I was probably wearing skinny jeans, hightop kicks, and some hat. Not your usual conservatory dresswear.) I remember telling her yes, though inside, I knew it was a no.

For years, I've felt a bit like that with Gypsy jazz. I wanted something electronic. My own.

I've had a lot of difficult moments over the years staying in my fears. Letting go takes time. Saying yes to what you want takes time.

Every thought is a decision. What is the truth?

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If you're a singer and you write lyrics, and you want to let go of things that made you afraid to create the music you love, I feel you.

If you want to be the singer and artist you know you are, and you're playing piano or playing beats as a DJ, it's time.

I'm coaching incredible people just like you to sing their best, write + record songs, and shift their mindset to do things they've only dreamed about. They're getting results and they own their successes.

Check out for more info. You can always respond to this email to get in touch.

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I made a typo in last week's newsletter. DiViNCi is the artist, not DaViNCi.

I've got something super special for you next Monday. Keep a lookout.

Also catch me live next Monday night on Facebook and Instagram at 8pm EST, where I'll show you how you can lay the foundations of a song using your voice through Ableton. I'll show you some cool vocal fx.

Remember, Lionheart, "the power of decision is my own."

I could neva and would neva do it withoutcha. Love ya.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. I'm going live on Saturday, March 30 at 1pm EST to share my final performance for Transmute. Watch it on Facebook here and Instagram here.

P.P.S. If you're interested in elevating music in your life, go to


Mary Alouette (AKA Alarke) stands out with her compelling twist of experiences as an international opera singer turned Gypsy jazz singer turned award-winning electronic pop singer and songwriter. 

Throughout her 25-year professional career, Alouette has mesmerized audiences from the Kennedy Center, the Rainbow Room, and Carnegie Hall to Fabrica Del Arte in Havana, Cuba, Romani caravans in Samois sur Seine, France, and castles in the Italian Alps.

Her music is an exciting, vibey, future-forward melt of pop, electronic, dance, and world music.

Mary Alouette