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Hi, Lionheart!

I've got a brand new website to share with you. Check it out at ✨

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I've been diving deep into working on my new live performance as Alarke that I'm bringing to you in the summer. I've been clarifying and sculpting my vision for my live show, my songs, and just my being this year, and I'm finding that when I'm true to myself and get specific, things work out.

I'm working with Ableton guru Laura Escudé (who recently performed and ran live sound at the Grammys and is gearing up for the whole next season of American Idol) and a slew of inspirational artists. The work is INTENSE!! I'm happy to grow a live set to be proud of in this community. Some of my fellow classmates compose and DJ for the SpaceX rocket launches, others perform at Red Bull's studios (my dream), others tour around the world. You get the idea... 

One of them designed the ringtones for iOS 7. Funny story - he composed a 3-second clip with a few tones, and Apple wrote back, asking him to make a 1 second clip with 1 tone. GODDDDDD! I'm face-palming just thinking of the challenge. It's practical, yet ridiculous and funny. Kinda reminds me of an ask that Mugatu from Zoolander would request.


Lionheart, in case you missed it, my song 'Let It Go' went to NBC for their tv show World Of Dance. If one of the dancers decides to perform to it, you'll hear me singing on tv in front of millions of viewers! I co-wrote this song with producer Elkin Pautt. It's also on the Producer Dojo mixtape. Sending mad love to the Producer Dojo community for the opportunity. 

I have ONE space left in my studio this February for singing and songwriting lessons, Lionheart.

I'm excited to work with one student who recently signed up for the Breakthrough Intensive. She's a filmmaker based in Paris and is going after her dreams of being a singer. We're working on a poem she's published, turning it into a rap, and she's working with a producer in London to build the track. She and I are working on the rap delivery and breaking down her work into actionable steps.

Otherwise, I'm getting in the studio for 9 days next week producing an EP for another singing and songwriting student.

Do you feel this pull towards singing on your own songs? Do you have a negative thought that says you're not a singer? 

Many people have this fear, and I'm here to guide you. I've been there. Approach it with the simplicity and wonder of a kid. Let go of your self-judgment. The most important thing is to show up and everything will unfold from there.

Lessons are available in-person in New York City and online. A package of 12 private lessons is $2,000, and if you sign up before 9pm February 28, you'll get $500 off!

If you're interested, respond to this email and let's get in touch!


This experience is designed for the intermediate / advanced musician who can play piano, guitar, electronic instruments, or other instruments.

Your one-on-one experience will be unique and personalized, but these are some of the topics we may cover:


  • Work through structured exercises around creating rhythmic melodic hooks to further develop song ideas - without sacrificing your lyrics

  • Determine the top things to avoid and consider when writing a melody

  • Create interesting melodic and harmonic contours

  • Write a slow song without losing momentum. Keep your listeners at the edge of their seats at slower tempi

  • Link sections together smoothly

  • Analyze your favorite songs and identify patterns of rhythmic and melodic hooks

  • Write memorable melodies and hooks

  • Patch your knowledge gaps and weak spots in your songwriting ability that prevent you from finishing and developing songs

  • Write phrases, hooks, and choruses that creatively combine lyrics with melody, rhythm, and harmony simultaneously without sacrificing any elements to another

  • Create interesting rhythmic motifs in your melodies and complete lyrics to fit them

  • Draw upon a tool box of concrete actionable microtasks and exercises that support your ability to develop and integrate all the layers of new song creation without getting frustrated and giving up

  • Create effective song arrangements that connect, contrast, and flow together in a unified whole

  • Singability: learn how to modify your vowels for your writing and singing so that you AND your listeners can effortlessly pour your heart out on high notes

  • Learn how to use numbers to visualize your melodies and create consistently

  • Arrange lyrical ideas

  • Learn the structures behind the hits

  • Use song structures to enhance the emotional intent of your lyrics

  • Generate emotionally expressive rhythmic ideas for your lyrics

  • Learn common chord voicings and inversions on piano and guitar to expand your musical palate

  • Develop your voice with breathing fundamentals, posture, tone production, articulation, and delivery

  • Increase your range, stamina, and overall vocal facility

  • Find your unique style, express yourself, connect with and emotionally move your audience

  • Discover your unique sound and writing style

  • Write even when you're not inspired


  • Develop your voice with breathing fundamentals, posture, tone production, articulation, and delivery

  • Increase your range, stamina, and overall vocal facility

  • Find your unique style, express yourself, connect with and emotionally move your audience

  • Anchor in a solid speech singing and/or bel canto vocal technique that you can rely upon

  • Sing pop, R&B, soul, jazz, musical theater, and classical repertoire

  • Learn to sing in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and other languages

  • Build your confidence for public speaking


  • Get clear on how to blend your passions, skills, and experiences in your music so that you feel on fire and resonate with your audience

  • Break through your limiting beliefs

  • Implement powerful routines into your practice and performances

  • Bridge the gap between where you are now and the musician you are becoming

  • Define your songwriting desires and goals

  • Identify clear action steps

  • Learn through challenging questions

  • Support in your recordings and/or performances


Lionheart, everything around you is an extension of yourself. Look on it with love and be grateful for it. EVERYTHING, whether positive or negative, is a teacher.

I'm thrilled when little synchronicities enter my day... even yesterday, I was on my way to work with a voice student listening to a podcast about a book. Sure enough, my student was reading the same book. What's more, it's not even a book about music! It's about focus and prioritizing your time.

With that connection to the universe, I'm so happy to expand and have a new team member on board with me behind the scenes. Her name's Astin. She's awesome, and come ON - Astin is a rockstar name. It was meant to be.

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I'm going live on Mondays at 8pm now and switching up my newsletters to land in your inbox every Tuesday. Just a heads up. ✨

Stay true to yourself, Lionheart.

I could never and would never do it withoutcha.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. I have ONE space left in my studio this February. My teaching rates for a package of 12 private lessons has gone up to $2K, though if you want to claim your spot before February 28 before 9pm EST, you'll receive $500 off! 

Go here to learn more about lessons and the incredible successes of my students.


Mary Alouette (AKA Alarke) stands out with her compelling twist of experiences as an international opera singer turned Gypsy jazz singer turned award-winning electronic pop singer and songwriter. 

Throughout her 25-year professional career, Alouette has mesmerized audiences from the Kennedy Center, the Rainbow Room, and Carnegie Hall to Fabrica Del Arte in Havana, Cuba, Romani caravans in Samois sur Seine, France, and castles in the Italian Alps.

Her music is an exciting, vibey, future-forward melt of pop, electronic, dance, and world music.

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