Would You Join The Blue Men Group?

Hi Lionheart,

Yesterday I "performed" with the Blue Man Group in New York City. This means that they came out into the audience, selected me with their quizzical stares, extended their hands, and brought me onstage with them to be a part of their skit.

This is all about the power of intention, Lionheart. I had no idea this was going to happen.

My friend designs the music tech element of their show and got tickets to see them live, though he and the Blue Man Group haven't met and the box office didn't tell them we were there.

This was pure magnetic attraction.

It went down like this:

They came into the audience at one point and they stared down a number of audience members. This kind of thing excites me, and I was hoping they'd come to me. One did come and look at me in the way that they do.


I think there's an element of playing around and stepping up to a challenge with eye contact and a grin that got them to come back a second time later on. I'm realizing now that they were probably scouting for someone to bring up onstage.

That's just what they did.

They came back into the audience a second time later on, walking through the aisles, climbing up a ladder to the balcony, and stepping on top of the seats.

This second time around, I felt this rush of magnetic energy. I've been setting and realizing specific intentions, and I made this was a little game within myself. It was powerful.

I wanted them to come back to me... would they?

Well, of course, you know they did.

One by one they came and glared down at me in their eccentric manner. One reached out his hand. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but I took it, and he gestured for me to join him out into the walkway and up onstage. Here went nuthin'!


It was surreal. There I was, in this haze of disbelief, onstage with them. We looked into the cameras on stage together, out to the audience, and then they led me to a table stage left.

Having grown up doing acting and improv, I played their game and went along with it. They brought out flowers, jello pudding that they shot into the audience, a painting, a candle for me to light and a lighter (which they then blew out from my hands with a fire extinguisher).

They then brought out Twinkies, which they couldn't open, so I had to be the one serving them. We then cut and ate them... and then we fed Twinkies to each other. I just followed along.

More shenanigans happened, culminating in mashed bananas squirting out of their shirts and a vest they put on me. They scooped up the mashed bananas, ate some of it, and then packaged it up and put it in a giant Chinese takeout box with a bow for me. All of this was framed at the end with a surprise polaroid picture onstage.

Not only this, but when I was walking home, I found $5 on the street. Not much, but hey, it felt like the cherry on top and that there was some greater energy communicating with me.

As I've been shifting my focus to a lot of new things with music and business, I've been focusing on allowing the unknown. So, this was a little reminder to keep doing the same and to welcome in great unexpected experiences.

Mashed bananas that shot out of our vests and a fragment of a Twinkie we fed each other (they boxed this up and gave it to me):

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Thank you for joining me on this magic carpet ride. I couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.



Mary Alouette