Absolutely blissful! You DON'T want to miss this.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." ― Joseph Campbell


Lionheart, I'm feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty... good.

Big ups if you know that Larry David / Curb Your Enthusiasm reference.

I've got a new, incredible offer to take you from the shower to the stage & to get you to your debut gig. 

PLUS, it's my birthday next week (May 8), and I'm offering an UNREAL & JUICY birthday special for this next week only. 

I've also got pics from last week's show at 343 Labs.


Lionheart, you can write 3 songs, find your true voice, and perform the debut of your new music onstage in 4 months.

Even if you don't play an instrument, you can write with loop pedals and perform onstage to backing tracks.

FOLLOW YOUR BLISS! Until May 8 at 11:59pm, I'm offering BOTH these packages in an absolutely blissful opportunity.

From The Shower To The Stage <<< check it out here
Write 3 songs in 3 months on piano, guitar and/or loop pedals
Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can write songs with loop pedals
Find your true voice and your unique style
Learn how to sing your best with advanced vocal training
Develop your songwriting skills with confidence
Walk away with a songwriter’s toolbox to create and finish your songs

Get To Your Gig <<< discover it here
Prepare 3 songs for a performance in 3 hours
Develop your vocals for the stage
Prepare to perform with you singing and playing an instrument OR sing to a backing track
Sculpt your presentation: how you’ll present yourself onstage and how you’ll communicate with your audience in-between songs
Learn which venues or open mics are best for you
Get your booking template email and your checklist of submission materials
Learn how to interact with your audience offstage to build your community
Work out any kinks and rehearse exactly what you’ll do from the moment you step onstage to the moment you step off

For the next week only, I'm offering BOTH for $1500 (a $2100 value). 

This offer ends at 11:59pm EST on May 8.

This is SO JUICY! The prices for each are also going up soon, so it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Have questions? Fill out this form and let's get on a call to discuss.



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Lionheart, I could never and would never do it withoutcha. Love you.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS and purchase From The Shower To The Stage + Get To Your Gig at a steal of a deal until May 8 at 11:59pm.


Alarke (AKA Mary Alouette) stands out with her compelling twist of experiences as an international opera singer turned Gypsy jazz singer turned award-winning electronic pop singer and songwriter. 

Throughout her 25-year professional career, Alarke has mesmerized audiences from the Kennedy Center, the Rainbow Room, and Carnegie Hall to Fabrica Del Arte in Havana, Cuba, Romani caravans in Samois sur Seine, France, and castles in the Italian Alps. She's written songs that have gone to NBC's World Of Dance and won the Grand Prize in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, performed at the Apollo's National Tour, won artist residencies at Strathmore and the Brooklyn Arts Council, and written songs with residents at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece. 

Her music is an exciting, vibey, future-forward melt of pop, electronic, dance, and world music.

Photos by Kwesi Peters and Lily A Seidel

Mary Alouette