The Church of Warper

"’Sort of' is such a harmless thing to say... sort of. It's just a filler. Sort of... it doesn't really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like... after "I love you"... or "You're going to live"... or "It's a boy!"" - Demetri Martin


Hi Lionheart,

THE CHURCH OF WARPER - it's where you'll find me hailing the all-powerful.

Yep, I played a show at the Church of Warper within Figment Festival on Saturday on Roosevelt Island. Each show and presentation of the new music is getting harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Thanks for coming out and tuning into the livestream on Instagram! For all of you Warpers, you're the best.

Part of my agenda is to do something new (big or small) everyday. I rode the Roosevelt Island tram (a funicular) back to Manhattan from the island. It felt like soaring into NYC - we were right there amongst the high rises. Join me on Instagram - I went live with you for the ride!

In the beginning of May, my mentor suggested I do 3 times of the things that light me up. I did just that and I'm a bit in shock about how opportunities simply aligned. Yes, I worked very hard - in fact, I need to check that - to take it to the next level, I don't need to work harder. I need to do things differently.

Part of the reason why May was so kickass with playing 3 shows (and a fourth June 1), debuting new songs, and getting even juicier with electronic songwriting that my clients and I are working on that we both feel so inspired by and excited for, is because I decided I'm no longer available for ups, downs, and settling.

Things that I made non-negotiable happened, like booking my trip to Vancouver for a fabulous event in June and getting tickets, preparing to play a set at Burning Man, premiering new music and improving my sets. These are just... YES!

In June, I'm taking a deep dive into 1:1 focus with Studying in Studio Sensei with DiViNCi (worldclass artist with live electronics and controllerist for Ms. Lauryn Hill). Elevate is great and I'm taking a moment from the group to focus on tweaking nuances and solidifying the current set so that it can expand.

Here's some of my process - I'm able to make things happen when I'm deeply emotionally connected to what I want and carry things out in a relaxed, positive, and high vibe way.

This morning, I brought my studio session to my garden to review my May sets. Sometimes what's necessary is to review what's working and what can be improved upon before moving forward.

I have my vision board posted on a wall at home and I also set pictures of experiences I want as the desktop background for my computer and phone. the visuals keep me connected to my vision throughout the day.

From there - calendar. Prioritizing. Working backwards.

How are you making this current week the best week ever, Lionheart?


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Join and learn how to:

  • create a body of work that you can share with your audience

  • take far out electronic music and ground it with real instruments

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My songwriting students and I are diving deep into writing catchy hooks, looping vox (vocals, if you weren't sure), playing with fx, and fine-tuning lyrics - all of this for the purpose of singability and playability to be able to get out there and perform.

Lionheart, if you're interested in really going for it, there are 4 spaces available in Set Your Life To Music this June. Is NOW your moment to say yes to yourself and decide to uplevel. Click on the button below or reply to this email and let's hop on the phone to see if this is a good fit.

Every moment that you're not doing music and the life you want is a moment you can't get back. Waiting for some sign and hesitating keeps you in the same place. What's the worst that could happen - YOU WENT FOR YOUR DREAM


Follow me on my Instagram stories and on Facebook to catch livestreams of performances, studio tips, and life behind-the-scenes.

I couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha, Lionheart. Love ya.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


P.S. Join the free online masterclass on Monday, June 10 at 8pm EST here.

Alarke (AKA Mary Alouette) stands out with her compelling twist of experiences as an international opera singer turned Gypsy jazz singer turned award-winning electronic pop singer and songwriter.

Throughout her 25-year professional career, Alarke has mesmerized audiences from the Kennedy Center, the Rainbow Room, and Carnegie Hall to Fabrica Del Arte in Havana, Cuba, Romani caravans in Samois sur Seine, France, and castles in the Italian Alps. She's written songs that have gone to NBC's World Of Dance and won the Grand Prize in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, performed at the Apollo's National Tour, won artist residencies at Strathmore and the Brooklyn Arts Council, and written songs with residents at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece.

Her music is an exciting, vibey, future-forward melt of pop, electronic, dance, and world music.

Mary Alouette