Visual Cues

Hi Lionheart,

It's been a blast getting into the studio putting together tech house tracks with Jay Wires at Can't wait for you to hear the music and vibe with it.

I'm putting performing on hold this fall to write new music and organize the release of my new EP, Little Secret.

There are a lot of things happening, both with music and in my personal life. I'm an aunt for the first time. In expanding to new opportunities and experiences with music, business, health, and in personal relationships, I got caught up in the swirl and missed my grounding a bit.

I took some time yesterday to make myself feel chic while also taking care of business on my phone. I set visual reminders around me to encourage thoughts and behaviors that support this expansion.

Leave a comment below, Lionheart, and tell me - do you set visual reminders for yourself?

New York City Building from Outside Title When there are a lot of transitions, it's important to set aside time for self care so that you feel rejuvenated, fresh, and at your best.jpg

Gold Statue Good Vibes Only Sign Blue Butterfly in Frame, Various other PIctures and a plant.png

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FIND YOUR ELECTRIC VOICE. Interested in taking your singing, songwriting and performing from the shower to the stage?

Here's one example of something a client and I are working on: learning how to join and participate in a band. We're working on developing her skills in scouting new opportunities, preparing music in her best vocal range, introducing new songs to a band, and leading those pieces during rehearsal sessions.

If this sounds like one area where you'd want guidance, there are lots of materials like this in the toolbox I share with my clients who are just like you.

Please visit my website at to learn more.

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As always, you can stream or buy my music on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify.

Come along on the ride and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I love sharing my adventures and process of transformation with you.

Thank you for joining me on this magic carpet ride. I couldn't and wouldn't do it withoutcha.

Mad love. Wishing you inspiration and expansion.


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