The chips are moving. Things are happening to be that have never happened before. I got a follow-up call from a well-known producer to write and sing more hooks for some artists. Who knows what will come of it, but I know it’s what I’ve been feeling deep within and visualizing. My new songs are coming together and I’ve gotten requests from that producer to submit to a compilation. Set Your Life To Music is expanding and my students are growing consistently. I’ve been dancing - vogue, house, ballet, pop, hip hop, twerking, Bollywood. It feels so good within me and I want to dance onstage with my new music. I'm trying a lot of new things, setting goals, and committing. I'm giving to myself. I have greater resources to supply and fulfill travel, tools for my growth, and experiences with friends. I love feeling this moment. My coach says, “success is an inside job.” I’m beginning to understand.

Below are the words of Abraham Hicks, which describe exactly how I feel now and what’s happening daily, throughout the day. Maybe you can reflect on these words and tie in what you’ve already been experiencing:

“I can feel the stream of abundance approaching me because things that have never happened before are showing up. I know my vibration is improving, and there’s no end to what that improvement may be. It’s going to be fun for me over the upcoming days to watch different evidences show me that I’m really sniffing out of the trail of abundance. I accept that every creation is complete before I see its physical evidence, so it’s alright if it doesn’t flow into my hands this red hot minute. I can be patient here a little bit. I’m alright in waiting for this. I’m actually beginning to feel my impatience turn into eagerness. It’s going to be exciting to watch the universe display to me in a way that is meaningful that I can consciously recognize that my energy is shifting. I can feel that I’m moving into what I’ve wanting. It’s exciting for me to anticipate the adventures and surprises and the ways in which it will flow.

I feel that in the moment, and what it feels like is well-being and ease. Everything’s more beautiful. My senses are all peaked. The air smells good, it feels good. My body pulses with a new energy. I find myself eager. I love the feeling of being in my responsive body. My [words and music] are an extension of me. It’s like I’m inspired where to focus. My creations in and of themselves are a focusing mechanism. I’m in the moment, in nature, focusing on beautiful things. I can hang around there with that feeling of well-being for such a long time. Sometimes I get out there and just want to stay because I can feel the rightness of the moment. I can feel that it’s what I was born to do. My harmony (my control of my voice, my control of the instruments), my control of my focus, my control of my vibration… what a wonderful moment I have again and again. I love the feeling of it. I just love being here. I love knowing the all-is-wellness of being in this moment. Outside in nature and inside with with nature’s gifts, it’s as if anything I want comes. I can direct my thought. I can have desire for something to create and it’s as if all of the elements of all of this universe begin to conspire in order to bring me the [inspiration I’m looking for, the words and music I’m looking for.] I can feel myself orchestrating. It’s as if I’m the center of this creative world and the universe is cooperating with me in this way. I love this in-the-moment experience."

I love my music. I love the resources it brings to me. I love feeling in control of the vibration. I love my craft, my art. I love knowing that I can apply this vibrational knowing to all things.

"I love feeling the abundance of beauty. I love the abundant universe and I love knowing right now how to go get it in nature. In other words, when I’m looking to be in the moment and do my best work, I go to a place where I know that it is. Now I understand that’s how I find my abundance, too.

I’m a stable person; I’ve always been a stable person. I’m willing to reach out in far ways. I do unconventional things, and unconventional things bring unconventional experiences and unconventional resources. That’s who I am. I love the big dreams that I have and I love knowing the universe can support those dreams. I can feel the harmony within myself has come into alignment. I’m looking forward to watching the manifestations begin to morph to reflect this feeling that I’ve found. Now I know that even if something jerks me out of this moment, no big deal. I know exactly the path to get back in. I know how to keep this feeling for longer and longer periods of time. I’m so glad I’ve found this place. I know this intangible, visceral feeling. It’s a real place. My vibrational reality is where my abundance is. My vibrational reality is who I am.”


Here's a song of mine, 'Pulses'. I wrote the music while staying in a Gypsy caravan at the Django Reinhardt festival at Samois sur Seine and the lyrics in London while in an artist's studio and in Hyde Park. Listen for jazz melting into electronic textures. Click here to listen to 'Pulses' on Bandcamp. Stream it or buy it if you want to support! My YouTube video this week is a live studio performance of it with Justin Mathews on guitar, Jay Sanford on bass, and Cinque Kemp on drums, shot by Kwesi Peters at Danbro Studios in Brooklyn, New York.


Looking out through lashes

And marks of their veils

Seeing only crashes

Of color so pale

Shatter horizon

Observe the sight

Come to awaken

Vision so bright

Bending now through pulses

Beams play in shape

Conquering truth

But only the life they create

I cried, "I love you"

Into this light

My words burst into

Stars in the night

I taught my eyes to love

I gave my heart

I carried what I saw

In my arms

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Sending lots of love. Stay in the moment.


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Photo by Buck Lewis.

Mary Alouette