"Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
One time in high school.
Three times in my twenties.
Rocks, no salt.
Never. And how dare you!
I will take no further questions." 
-Ellen Degeneres

Hey my king/queen,

There is no shortage of opportunities and resources to support your purpose and your passions in the world. 

Talk about creation and abundance: I needed to hire help this week for an administrative project and looked for one person. Suddenly, I found myself with 4 people helping me - FOUR! There is no shortage of support. Ask for it from the universe.

This past week, I needed feedback for a hook I'm writing for a songwriting collaboration. I did a draft, got past my vulnerabilities and asked for and received feedback, made a second draft, again stepped past feeling vulnerable asking for feedback on my creative work, and got constructive feedback from someone whom I admire. Tonight, I have a vocal production session with a mentor and tomorrow I'm going to spend all day in the studio writing the final hook (setting a deadline to finish it) and taking care of the mundane but necessary file backups and organization. Thursday nights are mentor sessions and Fridays are studio days, followed by dance classes - I really like this schedule.

Now, in submitting the hook for feedback, part of the reason I received help from someone who's established is because I mentioned I was on a deadline and they liked that. It's all about action and follow-through. Even if you don't feel ready, putting a date on things makes you show up. You learn most by taking action, not theorizing and consuming information.


The other reason why I received help (for free from awesome people - their time is valuable) is because I'm asking better questions. I'm standing in a place of power. I'm smart and can figure out what to ask for. I analyze the resources I have, drop any story that's based in confusion, get right to the heart of the question, and ask others/the universe in a focused, direct, and positive way.

Another example of abundance: this Sunday, I went on a bike ride through central Brooklyn. Destination: Prospect Park. I moseyed along and stopped for a Vietnamese sandwich and coffee. I spent a few hours in the park exploring new paths. I can't believe I've lived in NYC for 7 years and hadn't discovered these incredible waterfalls, ponds, offshoot trails, gardens, art, and buildings before. I met an awesome new friend and we went to a horse barn and out for sushi. Spontaneous. I remember just prior to our meeting that I was enjoying my discoveries and asking the universe to help me continue to feel complete and happy in the moment. BAM. New blessings were put in my path.

I’ve been doing a lot of new things and am continuing to do at least one new thing every day, big or small. Want to join me?


I went live on Facebook and Instagram on Monday and shot a video in the studio playing and singing 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You'. Watch the video replay here on YouTube.


This song has also been getting traction on Soundcloud - the full, fleshed out version has sampled Gypsy jazz riffs over electronic production and vocal effects. Vibey. Stream the song on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, and if you want to support art and music, buy it on Bandcamp here for $1.

I'm going live on Facebook and Instagram every Monday at 8:30pm EST / 5:30 PST, so come hang. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to connect over - songs, music, songwriting, energy, other topics to talk about...

Love ya.