Hello, hello,

What I learned most from working with the refugees and taking time afterwards to reflect, is that people and relationships are paramount. You mean so much to me. I'm inspired by you, I appreciate you, and I look forward to meeting you somewhere, someday, if we’re not in touch already.

I read the book ‘Trust’ by Iyanla Vazant when working with the refugees. I also read Brené Brown's book on vulnerability, ‘Daring Greatly.’

Again, I am excited to share with you about the project with the refugees if and when we’re allowed. Meanwhile, I took time to reflect afterwards about what it means to trust in yourself, trust in God / source / energy / the universe (or whatever you want to call a higher power, if you feel connected in that way), trust in others, and trust in life.

I worried about some things. When I let my worries go, slowly and one at a time, I ended up living completely in the moment, showing up how I like to be: funny, passionate, curious, and present. It was a beautiful time of exploration, breeziness, and connection.

Trust. Freedom. Creativity. Fun. Adventure.

What's important to you?

How are you going to live it?

Here's a picture from Greece:

Mary Alouette