Really cool things are happening and I feel like I’m in a storm of fortune.

As a child, I used to dream of performing on Broadway. Over the years, I’ve explored more and developed different dreams and goals, but I still have Broadway as a dream. I really feel at home onstage. I feel comfortable.

What’s crazy is that the universe is offering me a taste of what rehearsing with a top Broadway/tv/film cast and crew would be like through this project by bringing Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” to the Ritsona Refugee camp in Greece. Our project is called the Campfire Project, and you can click on the link to discover the amazing cast and crew.

It’s so cool to absorb our time together in rehearsals and during lunch breaks. In rehearsals, we’re reading through the script of our abridged version of the play, practicing the music and learning some of it in Arabic, trying on costumes, walking around on stilts, practicing choreography for certain musical numbers, learning the dabke (it’s a traditional circle and line dance used in celebrations that we’ll use as we dance through the camp), jamming out on instruments, and having conference calls with cast and crew who are already at the camp to know what to expect. It feels easy and it’s so much fun.


Here we're about to sing and record a song and send it to our cast and crew who are already at Ritsona.

What’s even more incredible about this project is the level of kindness everyone has. I’ve been told multiple times by different people, “we’re so grateful to have you here.” Imagine! It’s ME who feels like this is a beautiful gift and opportunity. The universe works in mysterious ways.

I feel expansive towards new opportunities.


Anastasia Red, let’s talk about what this work really means.

The most important thing thing that people need outside of their basic human rights to food, shelter, and clothing, is a connection to their own soul and to others.

Through giving the Ritsona residents an outlet for expression through acting, singing, playing instruments, and dancing, we’re acknowledging the humanity that exists within us all.

We build hope and help develop the skills to create a new life through various angles, including encouraging communication skills through body language and English language acquisition; healing by escaping from trauma through dance, music, and acting; and embracing hope and battling anxiety and depression by inviting people to get out of their ISOboxes (temporary homes) to participate in a project that brings the Ritsona community together and helps each individual get back in touch with themselves and what lights them up.

Pictures from the camp taken by Maura Tierney and Colette Cavanagh:


On another note, I have a new video up on YouTube exploring Moog bass lines for a song I'm working on. I'm planning on doing a whole bunch of songwriting within the next week for some potential electronic pop and hip hop collaborations. Who knows if the songs will turn out to be anything, but 1) it's fun, and 2) with quantity comes quality. A famous songwriter once said that he writes for the wastebasket. Create, create, create, and soon enough, you'll have a gem.

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My question to you is: do you feel like you're staying open and flexible to opportunities that may come your way or do you feel you need to have a set plan? Think beyond what's familiar to you. What would light you up and have you feel like you're living in a storm of fortune?

As always, you mean the world to me. Thanks for joining me. Much love.

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