The Zen of Building Furniture


Hello, my pretty,

It's been two weeks of being very much in the zone focusing on building new furniture for my home and over a month of renovations.

This concept and process of building furniture for my new home serves as a metaphor for anything you go after in life.

First, I want to start with my fear. I moved to a new home and debated whether I should outfit my place in temporary furniture. I felt scared to commit and invest the time and money because... I want to travel the world. I don’t know how long I’ll be in New York. It’s home for now, but I’m open to new beginnings. 

What if I want to move? Will I have to sell all of my things? Will I be spending too much time and money into my home, and would that take away from me producing my music?

I’ve been feeling anxious about the future - now that my life is changing with my musical style and the direction of my business, what does this say about my identity?

But then... I kept my focus on love, not fear. I know what my dream life looks like. I don’t need to settle. I remembered that all I have is now, and when I feel happy in my home environment and in my soul, my world becomes magical. 

I decided to commit to the present moment and to create my home to be a place where I feel invigorated, artistic, inspired, and fresh.

What I found was hyper-awareness of the present moment.

I searched for furniture online that matched my vision, but rarely did things work. They were either more than I wanted to spend or not the right aesthetic. I decided to take matters into my own hands and build my own. I've refinished desks, am hacking some Ikea bookshelves, building midcentury modern plant stands, and more.

Every morning I'd have my morning routine of coffee, journaling, and reading, and then I would head out to my secret garden and spend hours stripping, sanding, staining, sawing, drilling, gluing, and polishing wood.

I’ve been finding a lot of stillness and happiness in the quiet process of building furniture for my home. I zone out. I feel light and zen. It’s almost like a workout in the way that my mind feels fresh.

I focus on the colors of the wood, any built-up residue from the paint, the readiness of my materials, the clear sky or the impending rain, the refreshing swig of sparkling water, a personal development recording I'm listening to, understanding my past, understanding my present, letting go of the future.

In the afternoon, I'd head out for my teaching engagements and I'd return home to do more work on my furniture.

Emails? Only what was necessary. Scattered mind? Hardly. Calm and peace? 100%.

This is the same feeling I felt at the Transmute Retreat in December, where I was floating on cloud 9. I felt absorbed in the creation process.


I'm still working on my home and I know it will end up looking and feeling beautiful and vibey.

You, too, are meant to have this peace and happiness in the present moment right now.

Maybe you've been thinking about taking music lessons together with me, but you're caught up in the future. You may be thinking, "What if I do the music lessons? Will I have to buy the equipment? Will I have to place more rules and restrictions on myself and my time? I don’t know what’s on the other side of the change."

There may be many thoughts racing through your head, yet when you get excited about a creative project, going for it transforms your life.

I find, from both my own experiences and in my clients' experiences, that when you give to and invest in yourself, the most radical and positive changes occur.

It turns out that May has been one of the best months for me yet in 2018. I've treated myself so well with a manicure, a massage, travel to a horse farm/brewery with my brother, a fun gig at a Russian party with musicians who are fun and talented, African dance classes, supporting my friends' music shows, seeing my friends in Maryland, a new song in the works called Forever Summer, I've ended an intimate relationship that was good but not AMAZINGLY GREAT! (which is what I'm asking for myself from life. We still care for each other and are friends; it's just not meant to be forever. Bittersweet.), Set Your Life To Music has been on fire this month, I've felt creativity oozing out of me in my music and furniture-building, and I've learned a lot about personal relationships in my life.


My friend, the incredible and hilarious accordionist Dallas Vietty, visited me in New York City this past weekend. We went live on Facebook and Instagram and talked about creativity, New Orleans, and more. Check that video out here on the Set Your Life To Music Facebook page.

I ask you - what are you waiting for? The money to come in so that you can get to the next level? Nope. You'll continue to feel that way; it's the natural order of evolution.

Choose to be happy now. Choose this moment.

I have a special offer for music lessons this June, and if you've been on the fence, now is your moment. I'm offering a free breakthrough intensive lesson to the first 5 people that sign up before June 15. I'm also offering $200 off for anyone that signs up before June 30. There are only 10 spots available and there's a lot of interest.

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Cheers to you saying yes to yourself right now, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing.

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. You mean the world to me!

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