Yesterday I met up with my friend Luca Pino and we had a little Gypsy jazz jam in Madison Square Park. We played two of my favorite French Gypsy jazz and bossa nova tunes: Mélodie au Crépuscule and Manhã de Carnaval. Check out the video by clicking here.


Other things happening: I'm writing an electronic dance song with the producer Spiderhound and I invited my friend Jordan to record some of her vocals on the track with me. It's a super fun track and I can't wait to share it with you. The chorus:

::: I've got braids in my hair / I'm a pink punk queen / You can read it on my lips / I'ma get real down :::


There are also remixes of my Cuba Diaries EP in the works; currently about 20 producers have their hands on it and are making who knows what with it. It's a fun exercise of throwing caution to the wind and being open to pleasant surprises.

I'm currently home in Maryland for the weekend and taking a break to think about what I'd like to unfold for the rest of 2018 (and beyond). Current book that's helpful: Ray Dalio's "Principles." Also, I'm learning from Tony Robbins in sculpting a vision and a plan for the future. I'm definitely feeling the urge to get out and start performing these new tracks.

Do you do that? Do you take time out to draw out your life like an architect?

Sending lots of love.